The Story
When babysitter Ruth discovers a mysterious card game, "Creature, Begone!" at a thrift store, she unknowingly invites a nightmarish entity into the lives of her and the skeptical 8-year-old Hope. Trapped in a house where reality blurs with fantasy, they must confront the malevolent Creature and outsmart its supernatural forces to break free from the clutches of the game.
Meet the Team
Addison Clark - "Ruth"
Addison is a natural at modeling and is making her debut in film at the age of 18. Addison was a cheerleader at Nathan Hale High School and Jane Addams Middle School, and she has many years of experience performing in plays and music performances throughout her school years. She auditioned and was selected for Pacifica Choir and also did years of hula and Tahitian dance at Hokulani Hula Studio.
Addison has previously worked with us on the short film "Death Hotel," and we're excited to have her back as the lead actress for "Creature, Be Gone!"
Amy Mayes - "Mother"
Amy was named after a country song. Her television credits include a guest starring role on the ID channel's "Evil in Law". She has played a recurring character on the webseries "Dynamo" and a starring role in "Imaginary Friends". Her film credits include "The Pageant", "Left Together", "The Party", "Bigfoot Killed My Wife" and most recently a short horror titled "Herr Bar" . On stage, she has performed at Book-it Repertory, Greenstage, Quiet theatre, Seattle Theater Group, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, and Seattle Repertory Theatre. Amy is excited to join the cast of "Creature Begone!".
Ashlyn Nicole - "Neve"
Ashlyn Nicole, an actress, voiceover artist, and musician from Seattle, WA, is thrilled to bring her talents to Ragged Films. She has contributed to numerous commercial projects for esteemed brands like Alaska Airlines, Wild One Pet Products, and Warpath. Ashlyn has garnered acclaim for her performances in lead and supporting roles in feature films and documentaries such as "Trigonus" and "Rethinking Waste." Leveraging her musical expertise, she also serves as a composer for film and video games, seamlessly blending her creative passions into the industry.
Kayla Lee - Composer
Kayla Lee is a musician and engineer from a small town in Virginia’s Appalachian region. She studied at Berklee College of Music and worked as an assistant engineer to Grammy-winning artists and producers in New York City. Kayla partners with us again, having previously contributed to the award-winning "Soon," demonstrating her exceptional talent and commitment to excellence in music production.
Raymond Parson - Director of Photography
Raymond Parsons is a cinematographer, editor, colorist, writer, and filmmaker based in the greater Seattle area. He has been a photographer since 2005 and a filmmaker since 2017. Initially focusing on photographing wildlife and landscapes in Washington state, he aimed to master capturing beautiful images. Twelve years later, when Raymond transitioned to making videos, he quickly ventured into music videos, short films, and eventually feature films.
Committed to the art of storytelling, Raymond looks beyond the camera to bring stories to life. His attention to detail and highly organized manner enable him to produce compelling content efficiently. When not making films, Raymond enjoys spending time with his wife and son, as well as indulging in skiing, golf, and pickleball. He is thrilled at the prospect of joining the team and contributing his talents and passion!​​​​​​​
Jacob Ayala - Sound Recordist
Jacob Ayala, a Seattle-based Sound Recordist, Sound Editor, and Audio Engineer, is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to join the team at Ragged Films. He honed his skills by studying Recording Arts and Technology at Southwestern College and Digital Media Arts at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Jacob's experience spans live broadcasting, music recording, and production sound, showcasing his extensive expertise and commitment to excellence in every project.
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