The Cast and Crew
Co-Team Leader, Director, Writer, and Editor
Scott Adams is a passionate new director bursting with creativity and a fresh perspective coming from the corporate marketing world. With an innate ability to connect with actors and a natural talent for visual storytelling, Scott brings a unique and captivating vision to his debut 48-Hour film project.
Co-Team Leader, Producer, Writer, and Cinematographer
Sausha Knott is committed to creating light through authentic storytelling and experiences that shines through the darkness. As a Creative Producer across multiple industries, Sausha brings a unique talent for connecting people, vision, and execution with the human truth at the heart of it all. Combined with her photography experience, she joins 48-Hour Film as a producer, writer, and cinematographer (DP). ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Addison Clark is a natural at modeling and is making her debut in film at 18. Addison was a cheerleader at Nathan Hale High School and Jane Addams Middle School and had many years of experience performing in plays and music performances throughout her school years. She auditioned, was selected for Pacifica Choir, and did years of hula and Tahitian dance at Hokulani Hula Studio.
Mary Ulziibileg is a marketing professional that is passionate about creativity and engagement. Mary is a Seattleite that loves coffee, brews, snowboarding, and tennis. Most of all, Mary loves movies and films. Since a young age, Mary has dreamed about being an actress and a writer. But now she is also curious about the business aspect of the film industry.
Behind the scenes
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